Colours are Important in Graphic Design.

Graphic Design Singapore Colours Importance psychology

What if our life had no colors? What would a place this world would be ? Are colours important ? Colour is a powerful and important communication tool, and it is tied to religious, cultural, political and social influences. Our eye grasps colour easily and  is very sensitive at detecting colour and differences in colour. Colours also evoke feelings, moods and can also cause us to act certain ways.

Graphic Design Singapore Importance of Colours Design

Colour is used as a tool to attract attention from consumers in business to increase participation and in turn the profitability of the business. We should make informed design decisions that ensure we appeal to our target audience in business. It is important to consider how the colours combined alongside with other elements in the page/ brochure/info graphics that will have a significant impact on the  mood of your audience.


Colours Are Important in Communication

Yellow – warm, exciting, happy

Blue – deep, peaceful, supernatural

Green – peace, stillness, nature

White – harmony, silence, cleanliness

Black – grief, dark, unknown

Red – glowing, confidence, alive

Orange – radiant, healthy, serious


The impact of colours applies to different generations Based on Birren’s findings, the senior citizens would respond more favourably to blue, green or purple might be ideal,

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