Our recent venture is the creation of fonts and we have a range of fonts created for you to look at ranging from retro to handwriting. Our fonts are specially designed for individuals looking to have an edge in their digital work. We ensure its originality and that no one has owned it before as it is created and patented by us ! We also provide typography services to give a boost to your marketing campaigns and programs !

We create our own design of fonts such as Groove, heartbeat, trance and many more. Using Adobe Illustrator Cs6, we are able to pen our ideas into a set of collections of typography. Below is one of our design from our latest collection of typography. Our clients consists of local and international graphic design firms or corporate companies who value unique and quality typography.

In the past decade, awareness of fonts and typography was not as huge as it is today. Today, become a bigger part of mainstream culture than it once was. Typography is like fashion clothes, or accessories.  People want to constantly look different or evoke a particular feeling or fit with a particular “look” and there are trends and styles. We adapt the existing typographs and create something fresh, new and in style in the current market. Just fashion runways in Paris, our strong ideas of fonts are displayed with much appreciation and the pride we take in our work. Do visit our runway of typography by coming down to our shop location or email us at info@graphicdesignsingapore.com

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